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Every year there are hunting accidents which result in personal injury and even, quite tragically, death. While it is rare any of these are intentional criminal acts, there is often a degree of negligence or recklessness involved that can result in criminal charges against the shooter. Some of these cases are truly accidents; cases where the shooter followed all the game laws as well as the rules of safe hunting and safe firearms handling. In addition, recognizing the fact we usually hunt with our family or our closest friends makes any accident even more challenging. In truth, there are times when an accident results in a civil action filed by the victim against the shooter. Determining the actual facts of these cases; finding and correctly identifying all the details makes the difference. We are experts in identifying and correctly interpreting vital details and assisting in determining where the liability - if any - lies and what criminal charges might be applicable. We are: Hunting and Shooting Related Consultants, LLC (HSRC) If finding out the facts and details of a hunting or shooting related accident could be compared with finding a needle in a haystack; our expertise is finding needles.

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